What happens during a SAP evaluation?

Initially you will meet with a DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) for an evaluation and assessment. The SAP is a critical part to the SAP evaluation because they have extensive experience in substance use diagnosis and treatment, along with training on the Department of Transportation 49 CFR Part 40 and their Regulatory Agencies. Their job is to ensure you have the tools to safely return to work after a failed drug test.

During the evaluation, the SAP will look over your case, have you complete one or more assessment tools and ask targeted questions to get more information. There is no need to feel nervous. Answer the questions honestly, just like you would in a therapy session or a conversation with a friend. After your substance abuse evaluation, your SAP will outline a plan for your Return-to-Duty process (RTD). This may include substance abuse awareness classes, individual counseling, or whatever level of care is appropriate for your individual case. They will refer you to places where you can complete the required education and/or treatment. Once you successfully complete the education and/or treatment recommendations given by your SAP, you will go through a final evaluation with your SAP to assess your readiness for job re-entry.

The SAP is here to help you return to work. At ASAP, we have an 85% success rate for helping our clients re-enter the work force for safety-sensitive positions. The more transparent you are, the more your SAP can do for you.

How many SAP evaluations will I need?

At minimum, you will complete two SAP evaluations. One will occur at the beginning and one will occur after completing the recommended treatment. You can always check in if you have any questions along the way.
To schedule your SAP Assessment, call our office at 704-786-9205.